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1:41:15 am Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 7:12:55 pm Monday, Sep 3rd, 2012
looks a bit aged in places. maybe some on-demand music or live stream-feeds.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 3:30:41 pm Tuesday, Jul 19th, 2011 / Edited on 3:33:20 pm Tuesday, Jul 19th, 2011
First time in this warfront at the lowest entry level.
Written by mattmuskrat UID#30 on 7:41:28 am Wednesday, Jul 7th, 2010
weres a good place for streaming movies
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 3:33:24 pm Thursday, Mar 11th, 2010 / Edited on 7:04:47 pm Friday, Mar 12th, 2010
Camshaft w/ lifters - <- updated

Rebuild Kit w/ 4.155 bore rings and pistons (.030 over) std rod and main -

Roller Rockers -

HEI Module -

Heads -
Written by ~ Hambone UID#28 on 12:18:41 pm Friday, Mar 5th, 2010
POLECAT! lol... we totaly slept in the same bed at Quake 09.
Written by Texas_Tboy UID#27 on 4:03:24 am Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2010 / Edited on 4:08:43 am Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2010
Just to let you know your brother won the first ever Truck Demolition Derby at RELIANT STADIUM on Feb. 6, 2010 during the Monster Jam Truck Show.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 10:56:54 pm Saturday, Jan 23rd, 2010
Here's the fag's info :
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 10:06:44 pm Monday, Dec 28th, 2009
You know you're fucking retarded when you take a game as epic of CoD4 and then remove ALL that made it wicked and leave in the bad shit you promised to remove. Leave the insulting matchmaker shit for the console fags and let us fuckers that know how to actually use a computer fucking USE IT! As if picking out a server to play in was a difficult process. o.O Are you fucking mental? If you cant figure out how to pick a server from a goddamn list that shows you ping and number of players and gametype/mod then buy a PS3 and GTFO my site. But IWNET will stop hacking...wrong. Also removing dedicated servers has to be the BIGGEST fuckup yet. Why? You weren't paying for the motherfuckers InfinityWard so why did ya remove them? oh yeah the cheating thing, worked great didn't it? So now I'm forced to randomly play with a shitty ping when one host leaves and the new host is downloading pr0n about midgets fucking goats with 9 irons. So now Even though I get behind a wall - the killcam shows me still out in the open when I die. The ability to pick a server based on good performance is no longer an option. Again thanks to the genius of IWNET. So with a sincere gesture I say - Fuck you very much for ruining what could have been a perfect game.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 5:45:29 pm Monday, Dec 21st, 2009
Teaching my brah sum codin skilz.
Written by ~ Gorus UID#26 on 11:01:40 pm Monday, Nov 9th, 2009 / Edited on 11:12:20 pm Monday, Nov 9th, 2009
Queit man I see a dragon........looks pissed off.....what should we do? Hey bored man? IMAGO kick it!!
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 10:56:42 pm Monday, Nov 9th, 2009
wow... moxin, talk about old skool! If i remember correctly, you preferred marine class and flag defense/mid defense. Those were the fun days. Hmmm, I may have to setup a Q2WF server now.
Written by Moxin UID#25 on 12:35:48 pm Saturday, Nov 7th, 2009
So I was surfing around the net today and decided to search for my first Quake 2 clan..Guild Dracul and stumble upon this! Its been about 10 years but feels like yesterday. A big hello to Polecat.

Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 4:49:12 pm Friday, Oct 30th, 2009
Fucking prognar tricked me into signing up for facebook and now im getting swamped with memories I would have chosen to leave buried.

And the damn site is like someone made a blogging bomb and set it off. All Facebook is really is a superlink site to auto-created blogs.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 9:55:35 pm Thursday, Sep 10th, 2009
After making an audio and video section, I want to make my own gallery. Mainly for ease of url linking and ease of viewing. Current one has to many limitations keeping me from what I want. So here I go.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 12:05:02 pm Tuesday, Aug 18th, 2009 / Edited on 9:54:47 pm Thursday, Sep 10th, 2009
Talk about a cunt. Try to contribute a non-vulgar description for failsauce and he's got to show his dick size to me. Whelp... here comes my dick-size retort in the form of search engine connections between failsauce and nawlinwiki. Enjoy it, faggot.

Nawlinwiki is Failsauce
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 11:56:05 am Tuesday, Aug 18th, 2009
Failsauce - Created by the last secretion (the seminal fluid) during masturbation in the shower which leads to what was supposed to be a gelatinous plug to safeguard the sperm becoming an extremely tacky crotch adhesive that ruins the next 4 hours of your life.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 3:46:42 am Sunday, Mar 29th, 2009 / Edited on 5:40:56 pm Friday, Sep 11th, 2009
Any ideas?
Written by Nauseous UID#10 on 11:34:54 pm Sunday, Mar 8th, 2009
i always wanted to finish this game i think i might...
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 11:26:04 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009
I had to change the logic in the naming - blame the polack in me. It is now tied into your UID #.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 11:05:31 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009 / Edited on 12:18:55 am Saturday, Mar 7th, 2009
fuck i hate internet explorer

ok edit and delete buttons should work now for ie.
Written by Nauseous UID#10 on 10:40:01 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009 / Edited on 10:56:29 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009
i think its ugly and looks too much like the quakelive site... but xipher tends to disagree about the qcon site looking like the quakelive website... but anyways stay tuned i might strike up another idea for another rant in a few.
Written by Nauseous UID#10 on 10:37:31 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009
good game on the low ass turnout for reg.... k thaks thats all i got for now
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 10:33:00 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009 / Edited on 10:44:58 pm Friday, Mar 6th, 2009
Post ideas, thoughts, flames, rants, funny pics, sick pics, scary shit, i think video links work to - won't know till I get some stress on it. :) edit
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 2:25:51 am Thursday, Mar 5th, 2009 / Edited on 11:25:20 pm Monday, Mar 9th, 2009
Currently adding a custom css stylesheet editor in the profile so you can setup the site to fit your viewing preferences. My tastes have never been known to be popular so I'm making sure if you're thinking 'WTF is up with this color scheme?' then you can fix it and the changes stay with your login id. Every facet will be able to change to your liking.

Edit: After initial tests, I have dropped the changing color scheme idea and kept the font style and size modifiers. Even with transparency edged graphics, the matching of colors to the graphics would require the creation of alternate graphics to have the correct contrast. I will pursue this AFTER the site takes off and has other needed features supplied.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 2:22:32 am Thursday, Mar 5th, 2009
No more clicky to see short posts due to 300 character snippet. Propz to wiper in #quakecon on Gamesurge IRC for that feedback. Be sure to edit your profile to add an avatar image and zipcode for weather. Weather only works for American cities i believe. Also made the click to view bars only work for big posts.
Written by Nauseous UID#10 on 4:36:16 am Saturday, Feb 7th, 2009
why must i click to read his post?? im a lazy bastard i dont wanna have to click on every post to read it, if this thing takes off you know how many clicks that would be?? more to come stay tuned.... poles going to hate me by the end of all this rofl...
Written by Nauseous UID#10 on 4:26:31 am Saturday, Feb 7th, 2009
what it do??? whats with the date being 1234002391??
Written by stevo UID#9 on 3:20:20 am Saturday, Feb 7th, 2009
its true he likes to rub it...and caress it...and lick it...and hug it...and thats all i got
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 2:47:35 pm Thursday, Feb 5th, 2009
I was skimming pages trying to find some small block dyno pulls when I ran across Comp cams advertising a line of cams that just SOUND like they have power. WTF? How has this nation grown such pussies? When I was a kid, I wanted to have respect of some sort same as kids nowadays. But we earned it back then (back then, jesus I am only 37) we didn't act like our cars could make power - they simply did make power. The sound a radical cam makes should be a BY-PRODUCT of the power it is helping to produce, not the final product! Seeing cams for SBC's advertised as 'thumprs' with streetable power makes my fucking soul cringe. Keep that poser shit on the retards with winged rear spoilers on a front wheel drive car... and don't forget the coffee can on the exhaust pipe. Gotta make sure your act is complete. o.0
Written by prognar UID#8 on 3:03:22 pm Friday, Jan 30th, 2009
[15:02:17] password needs to be ****'d, and needs some sort of verification
[15:02:31] How about a real goddamn Email this time, eh?
[15:02:32] hah
[15:02:47] it doesn't take emails from
Written by radiohead UID#7 on 3:01:09 pm Friday, Jan 30th, 2009
Bill Cosby loved pudding. Why wasn't he fat? His daughter in his show was hot. I wish she were pudding so I could eat her. o.0 Or not, she was like 3 I think. But the sister on Fresh Prince, hecks yeah. But, it turns out she is crazy now. Glad I dodged that bullet. Like the Matrix. Man, Trinity was hot. I would "connect" up to her in a heart beat. Too bad she dies in the third movie. Hope that doesn't spoil anything for anyone. I dunno, she is still dead hot (harhar, see what I did there?).
Written by vandalous UID#6 on 2:59:29 pm Friday, Jan 30th, 2009
I'm in ur site, clickin on ur linkz.
Written by ~ Polecat UID#1 on 6:11:34 pm Tuesday, Jan 27th, 2009
with bullets from gunz o.0